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Cloud Integration Services

As a Cloud Integrator, Vexcel brings together Microsoft’s products, services, consulting, and support, with the best of third party technologies and services to form and deliver end to end customer solutions with full lifecycle management.

Vexcel specializes in complex hybrid and poly cloud data intensive solutions, based on well-established lambda architecture principles, and implemented using industry leading big data open source platforms to span compute and storage boundaries cost effectively from datacenters to clouds. Vexcel and Microsoft’s vast partner ecosystem along with Microsoft engineering teams ensure strong technical expertise and at scale proven practices on every engagement.

With many multi year customer engagements, Vexcel cares deeply about the business opportunities created by evolving technology platforms and are committed to unlocking our customer’s full potential whether through smart platform migration services from mainframe to cloud or full data estate modernizations from relational warehouses to data lakes. Whatever path chosen, Vexcel is keenly aware of the strain these changes can put on corporate and department budgets and is ready to offer cost effective contracting solutions to help amortize these investments through subscription or financing models.

Industry Solutions

End to end industry solutions like Microsoft WIC MOSAIC are a great example of creative use of all the skills and capabilities that Vexcel can muster as a captured services business for Microsoft, where the best of first and third party software and cloud services comes together with skilled people and strong processes to deliver a transformational experience for health and human services employees in the United States.

WIC (Woman Infant Child) is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program in the United States targeted at  low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five to provide supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education. The WIC program offers both counselling for the young family and monetary assistance for purchasing healthy foods.  As a result, there are both medical and commerce aspects to a certified WIC management solution which traditionally has required multiple complex client server setups to serve these different aspects. Vexcel, Microsoft and our Partners have developed a cloud native solution that is offered to government entities as a service and on a recurring cost basis, complete with support, maintenance, and monthly enhancements.  All on a single contract and a predictable all-inclusive pricing model without the need for any IT locally. Solution as a Service made easy.

Managed Services

Common to all Vexcel customer engagements, is a commitment to provide long term support and maintenance of our solutions. Vexcel is proud to have customer relationships that span many years and include all possible lifecycle services from helpdesks, traditional Maintenance and operations (“M&O”) models, to deep dedicated technical support, and today more and more modern development operations (“DevOps”) style offerings built around the simple principle of “you build it, you run and own it.”. The ability to continue adapting and evolving a mission critical system as business needs and opportunities change, is key to a successful solution, and thus central to all Vexcel engagements.


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